Alejandro Soffia & Gabriel Rudolphy

Santo Domingo is a quiet, seaside community located on the western central coast of Chile. With a population numbering around 7,500, Santo Domingo already makes a small footprint, though in a recent project actualized by architects Alejandro Soffia and Gabriel Rudolphy, the duo demonstrated a way to make that footprint even smaller. The SIP Panel house, a modern home built along the beach in Santo Domingo, consists of 111 structural insulated panels (SIPs)—71 wall panels and 40 split-level panels, to be exact. Exemplifying a modular architectural style, the SIP Panel House capitalizes on its north-facing orientation to maximize unobstructed ocean views. The north and south faces, as well as the various terraces around the home, are lined with slatted wood, and in the spirit of efficiency, the home was built in 10 days.