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With Digilock you can easily assign access to filing cabinets containing sensitive materials. Photo courtesy of Digilock

Ten years ago when you went to your office, it was always your office. Now, as flexible work arrangements and telecommuting become more common, employees may find themselves spending a day in a pod that might not be theirs tomorrow. And while workers may enjoy this greater mobility, with it comes a new set of security challenges. Luckily electronic locking solutions are more than capable of rising to the task.

Take, for example, a scenario in which one employee occupies a desk from 9 to 5 and another takes over for the night shift from 5 to midnight. With a keyless electronic lock capable of assigning access, authorizations for each employee can be set independently, maximizing use of space and allowing for painless changeover.

ATE Digilock

Photo courtesy of Digilock

Not only that, but filing cabinets containing sensitive material can make use of the same functionality to assign access and confirm that those who need access have it, and those who don’t cannot present a security risk—all while eliminating the need for an endless proliferation of physical keys, each of which carries the risk of being lost or copied. In the instance that something is amiss, digital monitoring even allows for an audit trail to be reviewed, meaning that those conducting oversight can be assured of precisely who accessed a cabinet and when.

Digilock’s solutions are beneficial in a world of increasingly open floor plans and mobile workforce. With such arrangements becoming increasingly common, personal lockers can ensure employees’ personal items remain secure as they migrate to several office neighborhoods to collaborate throughout the day. Simply put, as we reimagine the ways in which we work, storage and security are no longer afterthoughts but fundamental aspects of design. These shifts require flexibility, and electronic locking solutions provide it.

ATE Digilock

Florizel Hancox, Managing Director, Digilock

Florizel Hancox has been involved with almost every element of Digilock products, from design to deployment, for the global leader in high-performance electronic lock solutions. Bringing such diverse experience to her role, Hancox is particularly well-equipped to help building managers overseeing the workplaces of the future understand how the increasingly adaptable electronic security solutions Digilock offers can help them make a 21st-century office that seamlessly balances openness, flexibility, and privacy.

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