Story at a glance:

  • A modern and sustainable sofa made from a single thread of yarn.
  • A new kind of tiny house—one that’s luxurious and multi-functional.
  • Electrochromic glass that allows you to control how much sun you get.

1. Skrabanja 3D Knitted Sofa

gbd magazine sustainable home product skrabanja-sofa

The knitting technique used in Floor Skrabanja’s 3D Knitted Sofa eliminates waste common in other upholstery processes. Photo courtesy of Floor Skrabanja

Upholstery on a typical piece of furniture is cut, stitched, glued, and stapled around the frame, with all these manipulations making it impossible to reuse the fabric later. But Floor Skrabanja is using an unlikely skill to eliminate waste and make furniture materials more recyclable—knitting.

Everything in this series of knitted furniture is comfortable and modern, and all pieces are made from a single thread of yarn. This allows the knitting to cover the furniture and still be used again in a different application down the road.

The knitted upholstery becomes more than just a simple cover. Instead it’s a binding that keeps the elements together in a stylish, eco-friendly way.

2. MKCA’s Micro Housing for Häfele

gbd magazine favorite products mkca micro housing hafele

MKCA’s micro housing unit was designed so you don’t have to compromise living and entertaining spaces. Photo courtesy of Michael K. Chen Architecture

The 12-by-16 feet you get in Michael K. Chen Architecture’s new unit design feels luxurious, as folding and sliding furniture transforms the room instantly.

This isn’t your average tiny house design. In this project the entertainment center turns into a dining room table for six and a bar, so you don’t have to compromise entertaining friends and family. Even the fully functional kitchen—retractable faucet included—recedes to reveal a clean, streamlined countertop.

This multi-functional unit allows for flexible living to satisfy a range of housing types.

3. Kinestral Halio Smart-Tinting Glass

gbd magazine sustainable home products kinestrail halio tinting glass

Kinestral’s Halio Smart-Tinting Glass is controlled through an app. Photo courtesy of Kinestral

With Halio Smart-Tinting Glass you are in charge of how much sun gets into your home.

The user-friendly cloud-based system can be accessed through an app, where you can control the tint levels of Halio’s electrochromic glass.

The glass can alter its color quicker than any other. It lets in the right amount of daylight based on rapidly changing sky conditions.

But shaping the light levels in your home is about more than aesthetics; it also helps you heat and cool your property to perfection and can be an added source of privacy. Halio Smart-Tinting Glass is a green answer to many of your home’s needs.