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ATRA’s Nerthus Sofa was released in early 2020. Photo courtesy of ATRA

This regenerative, upcycled, and recyclable indoor/outdoor sofa system is a breath of fresh air. Its fabric is made of hemp, which takes 50% less water to grow and produce compared to other textile fiber and requires no pesticides or harmful chemicals to grow. The frame comes in an array of reclaimed wood; FSC Teak or FSC Mahogany are all locally sourced with sustainable practices. And those comfortable cushions are made from upcycled foam and horsehair. ATRA’s new Nerthus-SOFA was made in collaboration with MoonCloth eco hemp fabric, designed by Alexander Díaz Andersson in Mexico City, and is available in white, black, olive green, forest green, navy blue, and brown.

Arte Tower

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Arte Tower by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. Photo by Kris Tamburello


Arte Tower by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. Courtesy of Arte Tower

Architect Antonio Citterio was inspired by the history of Roman travertine when he set out with Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel to design this new beachfront condominium in Miami Beach. The 11-story, pagoda-inspired masterpiece known as Arte Tower uses Roman travertine inside and out. While the material clads ancient Rome’s most iconic landmarks, the Italian architect also wanted to take the material and modernize its texture, veining, and rich color, using it alongside other natural materials like bronze and Brazilian ipe. This project, perhaps most notable for its extruded horizontal terraces, is targeting LEED Silver certification.

African Bead Museum

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Architecture firm Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA) is renovating the African Bead Museum project in Detroit. Photo by Nadir Ali

Architecture firm Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA) is renovating a Detroit landmark—the Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum. Founded by Olayami DabIs in 1999, the African Bead Museum is the only museum in the US dedicated to African beads, and Dabls’ accompanying artwork hopes to spark conversation about the African and African-American experience. DabIs only uses items that are donated or discarded for his work, which you can see across the museum campus’ three buildings and garden. Renovation isn’t easy, as LOHA works to update the older buildings while keeping DabI’s work intact. When complete, the museum will also have new multipurpose spaces and community rooms. Each building will have a green roof, and exposed brick exteriors will preserve murals on the walls.

Second Sight

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Luum Textiles’ Second Sight collection of upholstery textiles includes Vector, seen here. Photo courtesy of Luum


Luum Textiles recently unveiled Second Sight—a collection of four upholstery textiles that exude optimism, reflection, and a focus on responsible materials like wool, silicone, and recycled polyester. Second Sight comprises Construct, Flex Wool, Vector, and Top Coat. “As we enter a new decade, opportunities and ideas emerge, encouraging new ways of seeing. With clarity of intent, Second Sight celebrates the possibilities of design processes that advance environmental thought, sparking a return to purity of raw materials,” says Suzanne Tick, creative director for Luum Textiles, in a press release. “Through this interplay of sustainable materials, joyful color, and architectural motifs new possibilities are created, crystallizing the user experience with a revived energy and outlook for the future.” Seen here, Vector borrows its striking rhythmic, multi-color pattern from contemporary architecture facades, evoking spatial perspectives and the digital realm.


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3form expanded its latest sustainable material development, Flek, to include a range of warm colors in 2020. Photo courtesy of 3form

3form’s new sustainable material development, Flek, now includes a range of warm colors. 3form’s Flek reclaims trimmings from applications of its flagship resin Varia to create something entirely new, durable, and beautiful. By reclaiming waste, pelletizing it, and color-categorizing it through an optical sorter, the team is able to produce panels with a translucent terrazzo-like effect, made from up to 75% recycled material. The new Flek palette feels warm and sunny, referencing natural materials and the influence of 1970s design aesthetics on today. Flek is compatible with all 3form hardware systems, is bleach cleanable, holds a strong fire rating, and is part of one of the largest pre-consumer recycle streams. Flek comes with an Optimized EPD Label, Declare Label, and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification.

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