GKD Metal Fabrics green products

GKD Metal Fabrics’ acoustic mesh panels were used at the Museum of the Bible. [Photo: Courtesy of GKD Metal Fabrics]

GKD USA Acoustic Mesh Panels

GKD Metal Fabrics now offers Acoustic Mesh Panels, designed to improve acoustic environments. The interior aluminum-based panels mute unwanted sound with a sag-free honeycomb support plate and blanket of fiber-free acoustic fleece. The panels can be easily removed and refitted for maintenance, and ceiling fittings like lights, downlights, and sprinklers are easy to integrate. As studies have shown that acoustics caused the greatest dissatisfaction in renovated LEED offices in green facilities, GKD Acoustic Mesh Panels give architects the ability to manage noise levels and meet their design needs, too. gkdmetalfabrics.com

Red2Green Materials Database

This crowdsourcing tool makes designing and specifying construction projects for the Living Building Challenge more efficient, and the database grows as the community of Living Buildings grows. Red2Green Materials Database helps you evaluate healthy building materials and select the right one for a specific project. The software allows you to gather, report, and compare ingredient and emissions information on products used in all facets of new building and renovation to make meeting materials compliance easier for building owners, architects, contractors, consultants, and materials specialists. materiallybetter.com

Industrial Louvers Aluminum Shades

These custom aluminum sunshades with Fluropon Pure Kynar Finish reduce energy consumption in buildings and increase occupant health and comfort. These exterior sunshades can significantly increase energy efficiency in buildings by reflecting sunlight to reduce heat island effect and diminish glare. The woman-owned manufacturing company completely removed the toxic carcinogen hexavalent chromium from their production line, and their aluminum sunshade technology earned Petal Certification for Water, making this product a safe and sustainable option for building owners. industriallouvers.com/products


Erase40.org encourages adoption of climate safe, zero emission buildings. Using behavioral science and an evidence-based process, it aims to “develop market-based initiatives that result in the widespread adoption of a low-carbon building technology” by changing the way people make decisions about the efficiency of building projects. The Energy Costs Choice interactive tool helps users make informed decisions when deciding between a conventional home or a zero energy “climate safe” home by putting into perspective the 2.6 millions pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from heating a conventional home alone compared to the nearly zero from a Passive House building. erase40.org

Formica Laminate Wireless Charging Surface

Formica Group and ConvenientPower Systems make wireless charging even more convenient with their futuristic Intentek surfaces. Simply place your device on a Formica Laminate surface to experience the scalable wireless charging infrastructure that works with Qi-compatible mobile phones. Intentek is intended for horizontal applications for commercial spaces in hospitality, retail, health care, education, and office settings. Formica Group is a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of surfacing products. ConvenientPower Systems is recognized for its leadership in wireless power charging technologies. formica.com