elkwood products shelves

Elkwood creates simple pieces for your home using 3D printed materials. [Photo: Courtesy of Elkwood Products]


Not used to seeing “concrete” and “green” in the same sentence? Extremeconcrete is a sustainable, high-performance concrete made of materials that would otherwise be bound for the waste stream, like post-consumer glass, shredded plastic, and silicon byproducts. Extremeconcrete tiles can be molded into any shape, too. Choose the web-like Krono tile pattern to add texture to a room or create a smooth, durable surface for commercial spaces with modern Fourell tiles.

Fifth Avenue Company (FAC)

This Brooklyn organization is making solar energy more accessible for everyone. Fifth Avenue Company (FAC) is launching the Solar Project for Affordable Housing in collaboration with Gowanus Grid Electric to provide affordable energy to low-income families who are living in FAC buildings. The organization is also piloting a Solar Installation Workforce Development Training Program, helping build a workforce for future solar energy installations.

elkwood products shelves

[Photo: Courtesy of Elkwood Products]


3D printing isn’t just for tech professionals. Home goods company Elkwood is designing heritage inspired pieces made from 3D printed materials, seamlessly integrating classic design with modern technology. Hang postcards or artwork on Elkwood’s oak Rakke display rail or combine design elements with the Hoc hook accessory to store keys. You’ll want to drape your coats and bags on the sturdy but elegant Henge coat hanger. And you can even grow succulents in the tiny 3D printed planter called Groa.

Iris Virtual Reality

You can experience 3D design before it’s created with Iris Virtual Reality. This new interface invites architects, engineers, planners, and designers to see their products in space, communicate their vision to clients, and even correct for errors without physically building a single thing. The Scope feature also renders panoramas of any 3D space that can be easily sent to clients so they can view them on their mobile phones.

farmery indoor farm plant

[Photo: Courtesy of Farmery]

Farmery Indoor Farms

With Farmery Indoor Farms, you can minimize the distance your food travels down to just a few feet before it arrives on your plate. These modular units grow plants on shelves with LED lights that mimic sunlight conditions. Custom tints keep pests away and provide a more subtle look. Users can control growing conditions on a smartphone app, which sends alerts when action is needed.

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