Story at a glance:

  • Armadillo makes sustainable rugs from natural fibers like wool and jute.
  • Armadillo’s new collection, Nook, offers small rugs to bring moments of luxury to any space.
  • The company works with craftspeople to hand-weave each rug to create quality, personal, lasting pieces.

Australian brand Armadillo combines ethics and aesthetics to revive the essential rug with a stylish design and transparent manufacturing process.

Nook, Armadillo’s newest collection set to launch mid-November, offers smaller rug designs in various shapes and styles that are hand-woven or knotted to give every corner a touch of luxurious home decor.

“We really wanted to show that refreshing the home doesn’t need to be overwhelming—introducing one small detail like an entrance mat, a hallway runner, or bedside rug can have a transformative effect on the mood of an interior and also on how you feel in your home,” says Sally Pottharst, Armadillo’s cofounder.

Each rug comes with the International Living Future Institute’s Declare Label to give consumers confidence in the rug’s conscience. Plus, 10% of Armadillo’s profits go to the Armadillo Foundation, which supports health care, education, and environmental initiatives in underprivileged communities.

Design Details

1. Nature Inspired

armadillo gbd magazine nook 05

Courtesy of Armadillo

“We’ve always been drawn to natural materials because by their very nature they possess these subtle, unique variations and have a rich, sensory feel that make them a pleasure to live with through all seasons,” says Jodie Fried, Armadillo cofounder.

2. Made to Last

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Courtesy of Armadillo

These sustainable rugs are designed to denounce throwaway culture. “We want each rug we design to be as practical as it is beautiful,” Fried says. “Jute is a strong and robust fiber that softens and develops a lived-in feel with use, while wool feels luxurious but is deceptively easy to maintain.”

3. Handcrafted from Natural Fibers

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Courtesy of Armadillo

The rugs in the Nook collection are made from jute, wool, and linen, and are dyed, spun, woven, washed, and finished carefully by hand, “a process that is as energy-efficient as you can get these days,” Fried says.

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