Story at a glance:

  • Thos. Moser’s new sustainable clock is made to order.
  • Choose from clocks made from cherry or walnut wood.
  • The latest offerings are designed with simple, clean lines. 

Founded by former Bates College professor Tom Moser in 1972, Thos. Moser has been creating sustainable furniture that is made well and responsibly for decades. Most recently the Auburn, Maine–based company released the Omni Clock, adding beauty and simplicity to any room in the home.

The Omni Clock was born from an idea of fully utilizing every square inch of the natural material, which in this case meant North American cherry and walnut, according to the team at Thos. Moser. The clock’s design is relatively small, and it all started by using the cutoffs from larger projects to make use of smaller cutoffs of wood. As prototyping began, the team realized they could reduce waste from their larger projects with a small yet updated wall clock that honored the tree’s life by prominently showcasing the wood’s unique grain patterns giving each clock its own uniquely inherent design.

These are just some of the Thos. Moser Omni Clock design details we love.

Sustainably Harvested Wood

thos. moser omni clock walnut back gbd magazine 04

The Omni Clock (back) is seen here in Walnut. Photo courtesy of Thos. Moser

When it comes to wood, you can choose from cherry or walnut; the cherry comes from the Allegheny Plateau in Pennsylvania, while the walnut comes from the Missouri riverbanks. The clock body is built from sustainably harvested Allegheny cherry or Missouri walnut.

Other than the woods’ visual beauty, the trees themselves are naturally renewable and grow at a rate four times faster than they are harvested, according to Thos. Moser.

Made in the US

thos. moser omni clock walnut gbd magazine

Omni Clock. Photo courtesy of Thos. Moser

The face of the clock is made from ebonized ash, and the mount on the back of the clock is made from brass.

The clock face, hands, motorized mechanisms, and hardware are all machined or made in the US or Maine—helping to reduce the carbon footprint and keeping production close to home. Like all of Thos. Moser’s furniture, the clock is built to last for generations.

Shaker-Inspired Design

thos. moser omni clock gbd magazine 02

The Omni Clock was inspired by Shaker design. Photo courtesy of Thos. Moser

Thos. Moser company wanted to take these Shaker design principles elements and give them a modern twist with the Omni Clock.

“The clock’s concept was born from the same resourcefulness and ideation of the Shakers; the clock takes what is on-hand and transforms it into a beautifully sculpted and simply elegant piece of furniture (functional art). This subliminal motif underlined most of our designs and had us returning to these roots,” says Kelsey Wing, associate marketing director at Thos. Moser.

The Omni Clock recalls the feeling of a traditional Shaker peg rack turned on its end.

“With its clean and simple design, the rack was an ingenious way to hang chairs, coats or hats and was built solely for practical use—as is the clock,” Wing says. “Thos. Moser carried over this design aesthetic to the Omni Clock with modern updates—compound curves, laser engraving, and opalescent minute and hour hands.”