YKK AP America Inc. (YKK AP), a leading manufacturer of award-winning commercial facade systems and residential doors and windows, announced that Tim Thomas has been promoted to president of subsidiary, Erie Architectural Products Group (Erie AP). Thomas will now oversee day-to-day operations for Erie AP. Previously Thomas served as senior vice president of sales operations.

Thomas will leverage his more than 38 years in the glass and glazing industry to lead Erie AP into its next phase of growth. He has been with Erie AP since 2009 and was appointed to the executive management team as senior vice president of sales operations in 2020, where he was responsible for the successful oversight of business development, engineering, project management and overall front-end business operations. He has also held roles in technical services at the company, working closely with customers to ensure success through oversight of project solutions.

“Tim’s breadth and depth of experience at Erie AP along with his extensive industry knowledge of high-performance facades and engineering make him uniquely poised to take the helm as we move forward,” says Mike Turner, head of commercial sales and operations for all YKK AP North America Group businesses including Erie AP. “As we embrace a new normal, our success will largely depend on our ability to meet our customers where they are and continue to create sustainable, long-term value. Tim brings a customer and employee-centric mindset to everything he does, and he will expand and unify the Erie AP team into the future.”

Prior to working with Erie AP, Thomas spent more than 17 years with Exterior Wall Specialties, where he led the estimating and project management teams. Throughout his career Thomas has worked on several high-profile projects in the Detroit area and across the US. He has a deep knowledge of sustainable building practices, and obtained LEED AP certification in 2009. Thomas is a graduate of Michigan State University, where he currently serves as a construction project management board member and executive committee member.

“Erie AP’s success has been built upon its commitment to a customer and employee-first culture, its dedication to quality and its pursuit of innovation,” says Thomas. “I am deeply honored to continue this legacy by carrying these principles forward into the next chapter.”

To learn more about YKK AP America’s commercial facade systems and residential doors and windows, go to www.ykkap.com. To learn more about Erie AP’s facade solutions, go to www.erieap.com.

About YKK AP America

YKK AP America Inc. is a technology-oriented manufacturer of commercial facade systems and residential doors and windows. With every finished good, we push the boundaries in next generation manufacturing and create value for architectural applications. Driven by a desire to provide exceptional service in our markets, YKK AP America builds upon our foundation of advanced engineering, vertically integrated manufacturing, and customer focus to deliver the highest level of quality at a competitive price. Headquartered in Atlanta, all building products are manufactured in our world-class production facilities in Dublin and Macon. YKK AP America Inc. is a subsidiary of the global architectural products company YKK AP, Inc. of Japan.