From lunar inspirations to light chains, gb&d gathered four recent energy-efficient additions to the industry’s options for interior and exterior lighting. Something here is perfect for your next project. See all four below.


Jake Dyson CSYS 

England-born designer Jake Dyson marries minimalist design with major function in his CSYS lamp, which comes in Tall or Task styles. The LED light is completely dimmable, but at full power and full height (approximately 4.5 feet for the floor lamp), it creates an 8-foot diameter of warm white light. The real beauty is that this is one of few lamps that addresses the heat created by LEDs (which reduces output and lifespan) by using heat pipe technology to conduct heat away from the light source.


Platek Moon

Coming to a city near you: the LED Platek Moon. Designed specifically as a bollard for lighting public spaces, the elegant fixture comes in four different heights and can be based in the ground or mounted onto a wall, and the aluminum body is corrosion-resistant. Also, the LEDs are smartly housed within the body to reduce vandalism. 


Foscarini Solar Lamp

The Foscarini Solar is not solar-powered, but it does invoke the image of the sun in the way it casts an illuminating glow no matter how it is employed. It can be used indoors or out and positioned with the flat part as the base, or it can be angled by using the convex light as the base. Endless options for an imaginative product.

GE Lighting Accent Chain

GE LED Accent

When traditional lighting doesn’t quite reach a specific area, the GE LED Accent light is an energy-efficient option. The chain of lights can be strung just about anywhere, and they can be cut to any length and always provide uniform light distribution.