Photo: Courtesy of Ultrasite

UltraSite’s Premium Collection of architectural furnishings strike the ideal balance between affordability and high design. [Photo: Courtesy of UltraSite]

UltraSite has everything you need to create people-centric places.

We spend so much time getting our private spaces just the way we want them, but we also benefit from the thoughtful design of shared public spaces. UltraSite offers the attention to detail we crave with premium site furnishings, park amenities, and other durable outdoor offerings designed to create spaces where people love to be. Their U.S.-based manufacturing facility boasts more than 150,000 square feet. From raw materials to the finished product, UltraSite guarantees stability, flexibility, customization, and a commitment to quality control. UltraSite truly offers a one-stop shop for everything from site amenities, shade, and shelter to dog parks and outdoor fitness equipment.

1. Build a Community Rainbow

Public spaces need to have comfortable places to sit, but there are other important ways to draw a community together. So many small details go into good design, from designing pathways with rest areas to incorporating shade canopies near playgrounds to harmonizing with a space’s unique look and feel. One of the best ways to enhance the appeal of a public space—to create a distinct and recognizable personality or vibe—is by using the right color. In addition to ornamental curves, geometric patterns, and textured mattes, UltraSite offers up 16 colors, from silver to orange. For clients looking to create a rainbow or match a signature color, UltraSite offers custom colors to perfectly complement any vision. In one recent example, UltraSite created recycled plastic benches to match one Virginia city’s signature blue. “With so many coating options, you are no longer limited to just a handful of colors,” says Mike Moll, general manager and vice president of UltraSite.


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Photo: Courtesy of UltraSite

UltraSite offers ornamental curves, an array of colors, textured mattes, and more. [Photo: Courtesy of UltraSite]

2. Access Premium Options

While some companies offer high-end architectural furnishings at a steep price tag and others offer affordable, utilitarian options, UltraSite offers a Premium Collection that sits in the perfect sweet spot. Backed by a five-year warranty, UltraSite’s premium collections were designed to bring complementary aesthetics to any space—whether you’re going with the classic Charleston or the modern Pasadena. With 16 collections to choose from, UltraSite’s products are the perfect match for parks, universities, hospitals, resorts, multi-family housing complexes, and businesses. “The product design team works closely with the customer from the initial concept to all applications and can alter designs to meet the customers’ needs and expectations,” Moll says. “By using their expansive knowledge of products in the industry, they incorporate multiple raw materials such as recycled plastics and thermoplastic coatings to leverage each of the products strengths to meet the objective of the client.”

Photo: Courtesy of UltraSite

UltraSite has single- and double-sided ADA accessible options. [Photo: Courtesy of UltraSite]

3. Make Your Space Accessible

For a public space to be truly successful, it has to be accessible to everyone. Thanks to UltraSite’s enhanced customization capabilities, they can meet accessibility codes across the country when it comes to benches, grills, and even outdoor fitness equipment. “Our goal is to make everyone as comfortable as possible with our products,” says Stephanie Devine, UltraSite’s vice president of marketing and brand strategy. “It’s important to provide spaces where people can come together, enjoy the outdoors, relax, and take a pause from busy lifestyles. With that in mind, it’s important to consider all ages and abilities when planning your space, and be sure to remember both accessible routes and amenities so that comfort is intuitive.”

Photo: Courtesy of UltraSite

Get this bench with elliptical arms in powder-coated steel or recycled plastic. [Photo: Courtesy of UltraSite]

4. Quality That’s Built to Last

Public spaces offer more than just a pleasant place to gather with neighbors or sit and watch the world go by. They’re also fundamental institutions that contribute to the making of memories. So it’s key to build these special places to last for many years to come. UltraSite’s furniture has thermoplastic coating that provides superior adhesion, is resistant to cutting and vandalism, has no runs or drips, is mold and mildew resistant, includes UV stable formulation, and can easily be repaired in the field. Also, most of UltraSite’s hardware is stainless steel to ensure products always look their best—and that also means rust-free. With more than 18 years of experience, UltraSite knows how to handle any customization request to ensure design teams get what they need.

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