Story at a glance:

  • Seattle-based lighting studio LightArt recently announced its new sustainable light fixtures in April 2021.
  • Coil Collection Naturals come in four pottery-inspired shapes and three grounding colors–Red Clay, Granite Gray, and Limestone.
  • Coil Collection Naturals uses 3D-printed upcycled materials.

LightArt recently announced the latest addition to its Coil Collection with Coil Collection Naturals. The Coil Collection is a collection of light fixture designs made entirely with upcycled plastic materials. These pendant lights work great in any home or office, even adding nice color to your sustainable workspace.

The Seattle-based lighting design studio specializes in creating custom lighting solutions and is known for their chandeliers, sculptural installations, pendants, drums, sconces, and linear fixtures. Here are a few things we love about the latest collection.

New Colors

upcycled lighting design lighter coil collection gbd magazine 04

Coil Collection Naturals introduces nature-inspired color options. Photo courtesy of LightArt

The new fixtures come in three calming colorways inspired by the natural environment—Red Clay, Granite Gray, and Limestone. The pendants were originally created in a monochromatic black and white palette.

The distinct geometry and curvature of the pendants also feature a matte finish, giving the fixtures a pottery-like quality.

Soft Curves

upcycled lighting design lighter coil collection gbd magazine 05

The new fixtures incorporate new shapes and designs inspired by geometry, pottery, and curved shapes. Photo courtesy of LightArt

Coil Collection Naturals come in shapes and sizes not seen previously in the Coil Collection, taking inspiration from pottery, geometry, and soft curves. LightArt founder Ryan Smith hopes to inspire industry-wide change with these designs.

“Let’s make a really beautiful object and see how much we can scale that up and make it repeatable,” says Smith. “We’re looking through the lens of affordability and sustainable lighting options usable at a larger scale in commercial environments.”

The Naturals in the Coil Collection are assembled with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)–compliant parts, an adjustable stainless steel cable, and a PVC-free cord and finished with a TGIC-free powder coated Canopy.

Sustainable, Too

upcycled lighting design lighter coil collection gbd magazine 01

Coil Collection Naturals is made using upcycled materials. Photo courtesy of LightArt.

The new Naturals line in the Coil Collection is made using upcycled waste that is then 3D-printed into the fixtures. All LightArt fixtures target DECLARE label standards with Red List–free ingredients.

“The difference is that we’re making recycled content look good, maybe even better than the original product,” Smith says. “The magic is in elevating repurposed materials beyond their starting point into viable lighting that excites people.”