Superior Plastic Lattice Fence

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Superior Plastic Products’ solutions stand the test of time.

The “American dream” usually includes a house surrounded by a white picket fence. It never specified what type of fence; many people just assumed it was wood. But if you want that dream to be truly long-lasting, vinyl fencing is the way to go.

Wood fences rot, warp, deteriorate, and splinter over time. They need to be replaced and painted often. Vinyl fences, on the other hand, are a lower-maintenance solution for anyone’s fencing needs. Superior Plastic Products offers high-quality, durable vinyl fencing, railing, and lawn and garden products that stand the test of time.

“A wood fence is cheaper, but then you have to worry about fence maintenance over the long term,” says Melanie Hess, content writer and event coordinator at Superior Plastic Products. “My husband and I had a wooden fence. It was falling down, the pickets were all different colors, and it was rotting out. We made the switch to vinyl, so now we don’t have to worry about it.”

Chris Monson, president of Custom Craft Distribution, agrees. Superior Plastic supplies his company’s top-selling privacy fence, and he says their commitment to customer service and manufacturing quality products at a competitive price goes above and beyond. “Our largest fence customer was able to complete a commercial fence installation project of the Cambridge Privacy panel in a third less time than planned due to the ease of installation,” Monson says. “In the rare instances of product concerns or warranty issues, Superior Plastic has always stood behind their product with quick resolution. This is a testament to their commitment to both their product and their customer.”

These are just some of the benefits of vinyl fence solutions from Superior Plastic Products:

1.They’re durable.

Aluminum channels run through the bottom rail of fencing. These ensure the fence remains strong and prevents sagging. A reinforcement channel comes standard with every Superior vinyl fence.

Superior Plastic Picket Fence

[Photo: Courtesy of Superior Plastic Products]

2. It can look like wood if you want.

If you crave the traditional look of a wooden fence, Superior Plastic Products offers WoodTone fencing, a printed wood grain style of vinyl fencing created with long-lasting ink that won’t scratch off. “It’s reminiscent of wood and has that wood ambience, but you don’t have to paint it or replace it constantly,” Hess says. “We call it the ‘next generation’ in vinyl.”

Superior Plastic 3 Rail Post

[Photo: Courtesy of Superior Plastic Products]

3.The style is even more flexible.

Superior Plastic Products has a variety of styles and colors for its vinyl fencing, including black in addition to their WoodTone. Choose from picket fences, privacy fences, yard or semi-private fences, and post and rail (field/horse field) fences.

Superior Plastic Pergola

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4.They’re easy to clean.

When vinyl gets dirty from everyday elements, you can simply wash it off with soap and water.

Superior Plastic Porch Posts

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5. Almost everything is recycled.

If something is damaged during the manufacturing process, that item is put into a shredder, then a grinder, then pulverized back into its original resin state. It’s then reused in the vinyl extrusion process, so there’s little to no waste created.

Superior Plastic Recycled Material

[Photo: Courtesy of Superior Plastic Products]

6. They last a long time.

The more you need to replace a wood fence (as often as every couple of years), the more trees you need to cut down. You don’t need to repaint vinyl and it won’t rot or deteriorate over time. “Most of our fences come with a limited lifetime warranty,” Hess says. “We wouldn’t give those out if they weren’t going to last.”

In addition to the limited lifetime warranty, Superior Plastic Products also offers a prorated five-year labor warranty. “We actually cover all or part of the labor cost of installing your new fence for the first five years if—in a rare case—you need to get a new one,” Hess says. “Most companies ship you a pile of new fence and leave the cost of installing it to you. We don’t do that.”


Superior Plastic Privacy Fence

[Photo: Courtesy of Superior Plastic Products]

7. These solutions are cost effective.

Wood fences may be cheaper initially, but if you have to replace them every couple years, they can quickly become a money pit. Investing in a high-quality vinyl fence will save you time, effort, and worry over the long run.

Superior Plastic Building

[Photo: Courtesy of Superior Plastic Products]

8. Vinyl fencing is easy to install.

Assembling and installing the company’s fences is an easy process done by a contractor. Once the pieces are locked in place, the fence is good to go. “We once had two contractors put together 1,500 feet of privacy fence in two days,” Hess says. “That’s about 188 sections of fencing in a very short period of time. All of our fences are easy for our contractors to install.”

Pergola Power

Superior Plastic Products’ growing line of lawn and garden products offers a variety of vinyl items, including picnic tables, benches, planter boxes, lamp posts, and pergolas—anything that will create a more welcoming atmosphere for your lawn and garden. The pergolas, especially, have been experiencing resurgence in popularity. “It seems like every home improvement show is putting up a pergola,” Hess says.

Like the vinyl fencing, the pergolas have an aluminum support structure inside them to make it through the winter months and stand up to the weight of snow. To prove just how strong its pergolas are, the company once hung a Ford Fusion from a pergola’s rafters during their yearly expo.

American Made

John Lapp founded Superior Plastic Products in 1978 on an Amish farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Initially, he created high-quality chain-link fencing that quickly became a hit within the community. Years later, vinyl fencing and railing became a major part of the business. When the extrusion plant that supplied Superior’s vinyl was shuttered by its owners, Reuben Lapp, John Lapp’s son and current CEO, purchased it and rehired all the people who had been laid off when the previous business fell through. Now, Superior Plastic Products continues to grow and expand its product line.

“It’s a truly American company,” Hess says. “We run the entire process from start to finish. We control everything, and that ensures everything is made with high standards and high quality. Total American manufacturing: We’re doing it.”

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