According to new research conducted by Plumber and Niagara, creators of water-saving toilets that use Stealth® Technology, more than 70% of plumbers and contractors agree that water conservation is important when choosing and installing toilets for their clients. In addition, more than 74% stated that they currently use high-efficiency toilets.

As climate change and record droughts strain the water supply, Niagara is more committed than ever to bringing its solutions and messaging to the marketplace. The survey findings shed light on the plumbing industry’s desire to conserve this natural resource without compromising performance, which was placed at the top of consumers’ needs when shopping for toilets, falling behind price, technology, and style.

“It is no surprise that plumbers and contractors are noticing clients’ desires for high-performing fixtures. People want low-maintenance toilets and are also concerned about the rising costs of water and utilities. When a toilet combines high-power with little to no water waste, it’s a win, win,” says Niagara executive vice president, Carl Wehmeyer. “We are also thrilled that so many are already utilizing high-efficient fixtures. It’s our mission to create toilets that make it simple to save water without sacrificing performance.”

Niagara and Plumber’s survey was conducted in mid-January 2022 receiving feedback from 9,500 service plumbers and industry professionals.

In 2021, Niagara introduced four new toilet suites with characteristics that make this new line attractive to plumbers and contractors. Most notable are its superior performance, a powerful, clean flush that is virtually clog-free, and an industry-leading 15-year warranty while achieving top-tier water efficiency. To learn more about Niagara’s high-performing, water-saving products, please visit

About Niagara

Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Flower Mound, TX, Niagara is leading the water revolution by saving the world’s water through everyday ingenuity without sacrificing performance. Recognized with several national EPA WaterSense Excellence and other industry awards for its Stealth Technology and superiority in reducing water waste, Niagara was one of the first toilet manufacturers to re-engineer the flush for a high-power, low-maintenance, no-waste toilet with Stealth Technology that saves customers money by reducing water while maintaining high performance. Niagara supports the US and international markets. For more information, visit or call 888-733-0197.