GCP’s PERM-A-BARRIER Ultra Wall Membranes and Flashings are ideal for protecting the building superstructure from the damaging effects of the elements. The commercial air barrier and flashing solution minimizes air and water vapor flow through the building exterior and prevents premature deterioration of the building envelope in extreme climates. It enhances thermal performance of the structure and saves energy costs.

PERM-A-BARRIER Ultra Wall Membranes and Flashing is suitable for high altitude, high-temperature areas, to be used behind metal exterior wall claddings and under metal caps and counter flashings at parapet wall areas. This multi-purpose solution is widely compatible with a variety of sealants, available in a variety of widths for easy installation on the job site, can be used as flashing and to complete low-slope roof-to-air barrier watertight tie-ins.

PERM-A-BARRIER Ultra Wall Membranes and Flashing is fire-resistant, meeting NFPA 285 as a part of various wall assemblies. It’s waterproof, impermeable, and stable—offering high in-service temperatures of up to 300F. The aluminum-faced film provides extended UV exposure limits of up to one year. PERM-A-BARRIER Ultra is a 30 mil thick cold applied self-adhered membrane with cross laminated high density polyethylene film laminated to an aluminum foil and coated on high temperature 100% Butyl adhesive.

This multi-purpose innovation paired with GCP’s technical service and support team provides industry-leading air barriers and building envelope knowledge and experience to help ensure your project success. Their team will deliver ongoing advice and guidance, as well as installation training. Their extensive expertise with the NFPA 285 fire propagation test standard and Perm-A-Barrier air barriers have been tested to the standard in a variety of exterior wall assemblies. This cohesive package of accessible knowledge helps architects and building engineers specify exterior wall materials optimized for their projects.