Story at a glance:

  • Cable aluminum railing can be a modern solution for safety and aesthetics indoors or out.
  • Modern aluminum railing with horizontal cable infill is growing in popularity.
  • Key-Link Fencing & Railing is a top manufacturer of aluminum rail and fence systems.

Cable railing isn’t just installed for safety on a deck or porch, though that’s a huge benefit. Today there are also many great cable railing systems that are aesthetically pleasing enough to go indoors.

“The popularity of aluminum railing with horizontal cable infill continues to grow as homeowners gravitate toward its modern aesthetic and clean lines,” says Clay Martin of Key Link Fencing & Railing in a previous article for gb&dPRO.

At its core, cable railing is a low maintenance alternative to the perhaps more traditional wood or metal railing you might be used to seeing. Cable railing often uses horizontal cables, though sometimes vertical, and is made using cable guardrails and handrails instead of wood spindles, glass, or other materials.

Types of Cable Railing

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Photo courtesy of Key-Link Fencing & Railing

Key-Link Fencing & Railing offers both horizontal and vertical cable infill for projects. Modern aluminum railing with horizontal cable infill is growing in popularity.

“Cable railing continues to be a popular choice for homeowners all across the country, with many homeowners opting for horizontal cable railing on their decks. Numerous railing manufacturers make horizontal cable systems, and many installers are familiar with it,” Key-Link’s Mike Alexander previously told gb&dPRO.

Their options come in the American, Outlook, or Chesapeake Series with finishes including textured black, textured bronze, textured white, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, or matte white. Key-Link’s innovative designs include pre-drilled and pre-fitted posts that allow installers to take cable around corners and down steps with ease—and without extra posts—saving both time and money. The cable and fittings are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Design teams can also use their Railing Visualizer to explore options. Choose square balusters or cable infill and build the project of your dreams.

Horizontal Cable Railing

Key-Link’s horizontal aluminum railing is code-compliant in most US cities.

Posts and intermediate balusters are incredibly important to safety, and with each of Key-Link’s 6-foot sections you get one intermediate support baluster (an 8-foot section includes two). Each section contains the appropriate number of balusters for a safe, code-compliant railing.

Vertical Cable Railing

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Vertical cable railing offers modern design and eliminates the risk of any children climbing. Photo courtesy of Key-Link

Aesthetic options have evolved over the years to include more vertical cable options. Not only does this eliminate the potential risk of anyone climbing the railing, it also offers that “wow” factor with sleek, modern design. Vertical cable rail allows for open views in your design, too.

Vertical cable railing is another option on the cable railing scene and is a fun, unique offering that still provides the modern style and open feel of cable infill,” Alexander says.


Aluminum cable railing is also loved for its recyclability at end of life. It’s also easy to clean, without the need for harsh chemicals.

For outdoor railings, powder coating aluminum railing will help to keep the railing beautiful rain or shine—so your railing stays beautiful longer.

During the powder coating process, powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto a piece of aluminum, then heated until the powder melts and forms a protective film. This process results in both excellent protection and, unlike liquid coating, releases almost no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.