Now on the cusp of its 50th anniversary, Maxxon®, the creator of Gyp-Crete® and the gypsum underlayment industry, has continued to be North America’s premiere manufacturer of gypsum underlayments, sound control systems, and moisture mitigation solutions. Backed by robust research and development and manufactured using top-quality raw materials, the innovative and ever-expanding line of subfloor prep products can be found in commercial and multifamily structures nationwide.

When it comes to underlayments, however, the solution depends on the project. Erik Holmgreen, Maxxon’s vice president of research and development, explains how it all works in this column.

Our product line includes several solutions for different types of subfloors and construction. It’s never one size fits all.

The eco-friendly Gyp-Crete® line is perfect for use over wood subfloors and is the industry standard in multifamily construction. Gyp-Crete products are available in several formulas to meet the cost and floor strength requirements of any job.

While often used in wood frame construction, our high strength underlayments are also excellent for smoothing concrete slabs or precast planks in new and renovation projects. Our Gyp-Crete products are typically poured at one inch deep over our Acousti-Mat® line of sound control products.

This system provides excellent sound control as well as fire resistance. Maxxon’s Gyp-Crete and Acousti-Mat system is listed in 140 UL fire rated designs and backed by hundreds of published sound tests.

These solutions are the core of what Maxxon has done for decades, and we always continue to improve their performance and cost.


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Beyond our Gyp-Crete line we are particularly excited about our high-strength self-levelers. These commercially targeted products, like Level EZ™, have very high flow, high strength, and can be installed quite thin with little floor preparation.

Rather than the one inch of gypsum underlayment in the multifamily space, we can install these products down to a quarter-inch or less to smooth out rough subfloors and create a level surface for floor coverings. These thin pours and very level surfaces can be ready for floor coverings in very little time.

These features are also useful in multifamily renovations, where old rough floors need repair and leveling with short turn around. The Maxxon® EZ Renovation System™ uses these levelers in conjunction with repair products such as Gyp-Fix EZ® patch and Maxxon Fortify™, a strengthening primer specifically developed for multifamily renovations.

And you can rest assured every product comes with Maxxon’s quality guarantee. With our constant innovation building on a half-century of success, some things never change.

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