Story at a glance:

  • The Linear System Series offers tables, lights, screens, and trays to be configured for any variety of professional space.
  • The workplace design is made from oak to incorporate Scandinavian quality and comfort.
  • The dimmable Linear Lamp Series alters the scale of the workspace to allow for group or individual work.

Designed for the modern workplace, Muuto’s new Linear System Series designed by Thomas Bentzen offers a warm and connective environment for workplace productivity. With a custom integrated power solution built into the tables, the modular design collection incorporates configurable lights, screens, and trays, allowing the system to work in various settings.

“The design process was about creating a system that made for intimately welcoming atmospheres enhanced by the expression and functionality of its lighting and accessories,” Bentzen says.

The system hopes to suit the needs of any office or space where people gather to do work with flexible configuration and lasting aesthetic appeal. Drawing on traditional Scandinavian design, the Linear System Series is skillfully crafted to create an environment that is at once cozy and professional.

The Linear System Series passed the EN L2 & L3 Furniture test, which verifies the strength, durability, and safety of each piece. Made in accordance with REACH, the EU’s chemical regulations, as well as passing the EAC Declaration of Conformity to Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, the system offers a quality and lasting solution to any variety of workplace needs.

Scandinavian Simplicity and Warmth

muuto gbd magazine linear system series workplace design 02

The Linear System Series is made of responsibly sourced oak. Photo courtesy of Muuto

Made from traditionally Scandinavian oak sourced in accordance with the EU’s Timber Regulations, the Linear System Series calls to the cozy familiarity of the home while simultaneously drawing on the simplicity and scale of the productive workplace.

“With its warm materiality and modern expression, the Linear System Series brings feelings of home into larger spaces to five the user a sense of belonging, even if being there only for a little while,” Bentzen says.

Design-Amplifying Accessories

muuto gbd magazine linear system series workplace design 03

The series includes tables, lights, screens, and trays for customizable workplace design. Photo courtesy of Muuto

As part of the Linear System Series, Bentzen and Muuto have also launched the Linear Lamp Series. This dimmable lighting design amplifies the warmth of the workspace and allows for greater flexibility by creating smaller spaces within the larger whole.

“The Linear Lamp Series is designed from the idea of creating smaller atmospheres through modern light, bringing a sense of intimacy to larger spaces.”

Flexible Configuration

The Linear System Series hopes to function in any type of workspace. When fully built out with tables, lamps, screens, and trays, the system resembles a study hall or university library, where individuals have their personal space within a larger, productivity-focused environment.

“The extensive selection of lighting and accessories means that the Linear System Series can be configured and reshuffled for any purpose of the modern workplace as well as hospitality settings and public areas, marrying the ideas of aesthetic and function into one.”

A Place for Gathering

muuto gbd magazine linear system series workplace design 04

The Linear System Series encourages connectivity among users. The Photo courtesy of Muuto

With its focus on familiarity, varying scale and flexible configurability, the Linear System Series encourages larger groups to connect, brainstorm, and collaborate around the table.

“The Linear System Series places people at its center, being a space to meet, to collaborate, or to work in focused solitude.”