2019 Women in Sustainability Leadership Awards

WSLA Awards

The Women in Sustainability Leadership Awards (WSLA) is gb&d’s top annual accolade, recognizing the most powerful women making a difference in the world through sustainability. WSLA is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the world of architecture and the built environment and has been received by Hillary Clinton, Bea Perez (Coca-Cola), Angela Foster-Rice (United Airlines), Arielle Bertman (Google), and Jeanne Gang (Studio Gang Architects).

The award, now in its sixth year, is judged by gb&d magazine, the Women in Sustainability Leadership Alumnae group, and leadership at the USGBC. WSLA was created by gb&d to create a more sustainable world by growing awareness, promoting advancement, and supporting the development of women in sustainability leadership. The awards were created around three key values: environmental stewardship, conduit for change, and giving back.

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