April/May/June 2012


Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

A Language for Landscapes?

Such a thing is vital for public-space projects in New York. And Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates speaks it fluently.

CG&S Design Build

Keep Austin Sustainable

In a city with 'McMansion ordinances,' CG&S Design Build stays inside the lines while creating Austin's coolest homes

Cassidy Turley

The Real Go-Getter

A formidable real-estate firm with a presence coast to coast, Cassidy Turley stresses sustainability in and out of the office


Wisconsin Gets It Right

Why Wispark’s enlightened president is as savvy on sustainability as the most avant-garde architect


Technology Symposium

Virtual Realities

If you dream it, they can build it—experts from leading high-tech firms discuss the intersection of technology, sustainability, and design

Game Plan

Inner Workings



Lee and Associates and Gustafson Guthrie Nichol detail their innovative landscape and why it's green



Baker Barrios Architects and ZMG Construction help revitalize a historical Tampa neighborhood

Hsu House

Hsu House

Epiphyte Lab's rural New York residence is equal parts style and sustainability


Mediated Learning Center

WSP Flack + Kurtz's Built Ecology team hopes to reach LEED Platinum for De Anza College's media building

Launch Pad


An Education Revolution

Cause and Effect Evolutions is doing something remarkable: changing the way America imagines its schools

Material World


Counter Points

IceStone began as an underdog but its ultra-sustainable countertops now are leading the industry



Show & Tell

Furniture designer Daniel Michalik documents the cork process in Portugal


The New City Beautiful

Would the urban movement inspired by Daniel Burnham stand up to today’s sustainability standards?

Professional to Watch

Joseph M. Bennett

Joseph M. Bennett

The down-to-earth architect’s design subtlety and love for the environment are making waves in Austin, Texas



Pyatok Architects

Taking Cues From Native Culture

In the East Bay, healthcare and affordable housing for Native Americans are under one roof in a green, community-centric building



A Neutral Vessel

In 1975 Jack Esterson was just finishing up an architecture degree at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He didn’t imagine

University of Houston

The Anti-Secret Lab

University of Houston’s research and teaching complex is a hub for collaboration


Jackson 0R0D0221_adj

Family Circus

Customers told William Ryan Homes it should offer organization for the ever-busier family. Its new homes deliver.


H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture

A Modern Home For Classical Music

Created by H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture, the stunning new practice space for the Orchestra of St. Luke’s is essentially floating

Galapagos Art Space

Built on a Concrete Canvas

Known for its dedication to the art community, Galapagos Art Space guts a 100-year-old building and creates an inspired masterpiece

Soldier Field

Lakefront Landmark

The home of the Chicago Bears is a hive of environmental activity and a major success story for the Chicago

Orlando Venues

No Magic Tricks Here

With hard work and smart design, Orlando Venues takes an arena above and beyond industry standards into LEED Gold territory

Fisher Development

Running a Tight Flagship

Fisher Development overcomes a tight lot to build a LEED-equivalent prototype for West Elm at its Emeryville location


Structure Tone

Breaking Tradition

Structure Tone's newly renovated 200 Fifth Avenue is one of the hottest properties in Manhattan

Tise-Kiester Architects

From Factory To Transit Hub

An expert in adaptive reuse, Tise-Kiester Architects takes a rundown furniture factory and makes it into a sustainable multiuse center

Tough Builds/ Net Zero

Tough Builds/ Off the Grid

Tough Builds/ Remote Locations