• Typology: Healing Design

    While our impulses hesitate to call it an “industry,” that is, for better or worse, what the miscellany of medical services that economically represent the healthcare discipline precisely comprise. The most unconditionallyMore

  • Guest Editor: Lisa Meier

    With a rich background in business and electronics, Lisa Meier was well equipped for a professional transition into the world of sustainability when she accepted her current job as UL Environment generalMore

  • Unlocking UL

    Founded in 1894 by William Henry Merrill, UL (formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories) has a long history of promoting product safety. Beginning with laboratory testing of fire and shock hazards at theMore

  • Building WELL

    Seven years ago, a lightbulb went off in Paul Scialla’s head: now that we’ve learned to design buildings that are healthy for the environment, isn’t it time to start designing them to beMore

  • The 2015 gb&d Green Awards

    gb&d and AIA Atlanta are pleased to announce the opening of the first annual Green Awards celebrating excellence in sustainable architecture. These awards will follow the AIA National Convention each year and recognize sustainableMore


On the Spot: Lisa Meier

THE PERFECT CITY WOULD HAVE Clean air, clear water, renewable energy, green grass, and trees. THE NEXT BIG IDEA WILL COME FROM Our children. TOPIC IF YOU WERE ASKED TO GIVE AMore

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Editor’s Picks For Healthier Humans

PRODUCT: WORKRITE WORKCENTERS (Pictured) With sit-stand capabilities, this workstation gives those tied to a desk all day the option to raise and lower the piece. Available in three contemporary finishes, it comes inMore


UL Environment in the Field

Anew car. A new carpet. That pressed wood dresser in your urban loft. They smell so fresh and so clean. And they are—sort of. But that characteristic scent they emit derives from something lessMore


Material World: ECOR

Stronger. Lighter. Cleaner. These adjectives could easily top the hypothetical list of words that green professionals long to describe their building materials. Throw in “greater freedom in design” and “competitive pricing,” and theMore

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On the Boards: Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland

The Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium in Beijing and Tate Modern art gallery in London are two international landmarks triumphantly plotted on opposing ends of the globe, both devised by cherished Switzerland-based architectural globetrotters, HerzogMore


Person of Interest: Fernando Arias

Fernando Arias has worked as a mechanic for the U.S. Army and Navy, obtained not one but two graduate degrees from Columbia University (one in urban design and architecture and another inMore

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Ruthless Efficiency

When Bryan and Stephanie Farris moved into their custom-build home near Portland, anyone sending housewarming gifts was better off making a personal delivery. Not because sending next-day would be some breach of etiquette,More

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Family Ranch Revamp

It is not an uncommon promise in hearts of the ambitious, good-natured public to reward one’s deserving parental guardians with the opulence of high living in grace for the years of unyielding, thoughMore

The Barney Building, substantial date of completion March 2014

Making Connections

Resting idly at an address that enjoys the company of heavy motor traffic and the heart of Kansas City’s nearby downtown shopping district, the aging mid-century office building at 2000 Shawnee Mission ParkwayMore