Arbor Wood Co.


Arbor Wood Co. is the new and innovative choice in modified wood applications. Arbor Wood Co. (AWCo) offers thermally modified timber for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications. AWCo thermally modified timber (TMT) is domestically sourced and sustainably harvested wood that undergoes a value-added thermal modification process. The result is high-quality, performance-driven timber, which sustains the natural beauty and design element of wood.

Thermal modification is a unique craft which alters the dimensional composition of timber to create a material which is functionally and visually successful in a range of residential and commercial markets. High heat and steam replace chemicals to fundamentally modify the cell structure of wood, making it one of the most natural, chemical-free ways to extend the service life of a wood product. The wood is less absorbent resulting in an increase of material stability with less warping/cupping and minimal expansion/contraction. Importantly, the organic compounds are cooked out of the wood removing the food source for rot and insects. The conversion of sugars to a nonfood source also turn the timber a darker, richer through-color, providing an appealing, refined aesthetic.

AWCo TMT is a sound choice in environments typically unforgiving to wood, such as exterior decking and siding or interior flooring, or where a low-maintenance wood product is desired.

Services Provided

Decking, Flooring, Siding