Archatrak recently extended their range of porcelain pavers with new colors and sizes, including a new 2-inch thick paver for heavy duty commercial applications.

Every year more shapes and sizes of porcelain pavers are hitting the market. No longer are porcelain pavers just 3/4-inch thick and a single 24-inch by 24-inch slab. Now porcelain pavers come in thicknesses from 3/4 inches to 2 inches; slabs as large as 96 inches by 48 inches; planks as long as 94 inches; and even cobblestones as small as 4 inches by 4 inches. The colors and style options are becoming just as diverse.

For rooftop decks and green roof environments, the new 2021 Archatrak range of colors and styles significantly broadens the creative potential for usable rooftop spaces.

“For a uniform, neutral tone that will complement any outdoor setting, I would suggest our monochrome line,” says Malcolm Kay, CEO of Archatrak. “For something with a bit more texture, our terrazzo pavers feature irregularly shaped flecks that resemble stone chips used in traditional cement-based terrazzo flooring, but it’s the Wood Look pavers, especially in the long, thin plank style that are proving so popular this year. The reproduction of the color, features, and characteristics of natural wood are so realistic, it’s hard to believe they aren’t natural wood. If you combine these pavers with our IGNO adjustable height steel pedestals, you’ll have a deck that looks just like a traditional wood plank deck but is totally non-combustible.”

With increasingly strict fire regulations, building a wood deck on an urban rooftop is becoming more and more difficult each year. In some regions an elevated deck can only be built if every single component is rated as noncombustible—hence a system that combines fireproof pavers with noncombustible steel pedestals, rather than plastic pedestals, is becoming essential.

It’s fortunate then that constructing elevated decks with porcelain planks and pedestal supports is generally much simpler than using natural wood planks over support bearers. With a pedestal support system, there’s no need for extensive steel or wood support structures and it’s also much easier to bring materials on site, especially for existing buildings, where rooftop access may be restricted.

As manufacturing technology and digital printing techniques continue to advance each year, porcelain pavers will undoubtedly become even more sophisticated, expanding their use not just in rooftop deck and green roof environments, but also in general on-grade paving. If this trend continues, the common grey concrete paver, which has been a mainstay of the paving industry for so long, will surely begin to look outdated.


Archatrak is a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, pedestal support systems, and outdoor amenities for both commercial and residential applications.


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