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Ambius’ clients say having consistency across workplace locations is comforting, and often that includes biophilic design. Photo courtesy of Lendlease Properties

When you walked into a commercial building years ago, you might have seen plants in a lobby or conference room, but that was it. As you may have noticed, that doesn’t cut it anymore. We have some clients who follow a one plant per person model, and there’s a lot more greenery in demand in general. Employees want biophilic design, and more companies are forward-thinking as features like these help attract talent while driving productivity.

Research has shown we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, and studies reveal that the environments inside buildings affect how we feel. Researchers have long been pointing to the benefits of plants and natural light. We at Ambius ask: How can we make these spaces even better?

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Ambius worked with Lendlease properties to design plant specs for this project. Lendlease—a multinational construction, property, and infrastructure company—takes special consideration for the amount of plants they have per person as part of their designs. Photo courtesy of Lendlease Properties

Our design team can work with clients from the beginning of projects to understand the vision and explore plans, as we deliver a needs analysis. What is their space like? How many occupants? What amenities do they want? How’s the lighting? This allows us to know exactly what design elements will look best and which plants will thrive. We utilize the very best products and the right plants—everything from species to decorative containers. Doing this guarantees seamless installation. It’s not just about indoor plants, though. In many places we install living green walls; they’re often large focal points that inspire teams and brighten spaces.

As we work with nationwide customers with locations all over North America, we deliver consistent brand design concepts across all their spaces. This is more than a one-off design element; it’s something that becomes part of the company culture. Our clients say having consistency across locations is comforting. They want workspaces that are comfortable, collaborative, and consistent. Of course each customer is different; some want green walls, while others want scent solutions. We do terrace work in some parts of the country, too. No matter what you choose, our specialists do the maintenance and upkeep for you. And our living walls and plants are 100% guaranteed while we’re caring for them.

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Photo courtesy of Ambius

For more than 25 years Kelly Walowski has been working with Ambius, the global leader in creating enhanced commercial spaces with features like living walls. She’s seen the shift firsthand as buildings moved away from drab commercial spaces to become places full of positive energy and plant life—spaces that offer a sense of continuity and community across locations. “People need office spaces where they can collaborate comfortably within that space,” she says, adding that plants and other consistent services bring that to life.

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