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Digilock offers up products that make flexible workspaces even more secure. Photo courtesy of Digilock

In this issue Julie Advocate, vice president and chief financial officer for Digilock, sat down with us to share a bit more of her insights on the evolution of personal security in the digital era.

The evolution of Digilock’s personal security and storage solutions can be effectively broken up into five generations. With the release of Digilock’s generation one products, electronic locks utilizing keypads replaced traditional mechanical locks, allowing for end users to ditch their physical keys for the first time. With this shift came increased convenience. For example, customers at gyms and fitness centers no longer needed to carry their own personal locks or keys with them, nor did they need to worry about losing them. Facilities also benefited by gaining the ability to offer customers a useful amenity as well as reducing the likelihood of being unable to access one of their own lockers.

Next came Digilock’s second generation of products, which were marked by the introduction of the electronic manager bypass key. With this innovation management gained the ability to utilize an electronic key to override a lock if necessary, allowing for easier oversight. Subsequently, generation three saw Digilock’s products begin to employ back-up power systems integrated into the key in case a lock’s batteries ran low.

digilock gbd magazine

Digilock’s generation one products, electronic locks utilizing keypads replaced traditional mechanical locks. Photo courtesy of Digilock

In generation four products began to sport more sophisticated user interfaces as well as offering cam lock mechanisms, which allowed them to be used for filing cabinets and credenzas in workplace settings, rather than merely storage lockers.

The innovation continues, as Digilock’s latest products offer even more features. With an integrated footprint, spatially disparate locks can be remotely managed through mobile applications that allow for remote locking and unlocking, real time status updates, and the ability to record audit trails. Building managers can limit access to any given lock by user and time of day, as well as review who has access to a storage unit or space and when, all with the click of a button. In our fast-paced era of telecommuting, flexible work arrangements, and multi-shift facilities, Digilock’s products streamline the work building managers do with a seamless experience.

digilock gbd magazine

Julie Advocate

Designer and manufacturer of electronic lock solutions Digilock introduced the very first keyless electronic lock on the market all the way back in 1992. Since then technology has continued to advance at a dizzying pace, and this company has remained on the cutting edge. Julie Advocate, vice president and chief financial officer at Digilock, has been with the company for nearly 20 years, witnessing the transformations firsthand.

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