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CENTRIA manufactures high performance building envelope systems designed to provide superior protection against the elements. These systems include the roof, exterior walls, foundation, and fenestration system. They’re designed to prevent air, water, heat light and noise from entering the building, increasing the durability of the building’s structure and improving indoor comfort.

For more than 100 years, CENTRIA has successfully navigated tremendous change throughout the building products industry. CENTRIA does this by being innovators, continuously relying on the most advanced technology to develop unique products that further the art of commercial architecture. CENTRIA’s foundation is built on years of product and design innovation.


Building Envelopes


Steve Marziale

Steve Marziale, EIT, is a CENTRIA product engineer specializing in the design of single skin metal panel systems. He also manages CENTRIA’s sustainability initiatives, continuously examining the intersection of the cladding and green construction industries for new evolutions of sustainable design.

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