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Over 65 years ago, German company REGUPOL BSW GmbH put a new spin on tires—a sports and fitness spin. They invented the technology to recycle tires into rubber flooring that forever changed the fitness world. The process was quintessential German engineering, innovation, precision, and performance. In the lab, the REGUPOL scientists called it Recycled Gummi Polymer—but for decades, sports and fitness enthusiasts worldwide have called it by the acronym synonymous with performance—REGUPOL!



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Wil Younger

Wil Younger is the marketing manager at REGUPOL. He has developed a passion for sustainable products and design. Throughout his career he has worked with several Fortune 500 accounts with a focus on the environment, including General Electric, York International, and Oldcastle. For the past five-plus years he has focused solely on REGUPOL.

regupol wil younger gbd magazine gbdpro

Bill Neifert

Bill Neifert has more than 25 years of experience in the floor covering industry. He has a proven track record of innovation and leadership in sales and a demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive technical support for virtually all resilient floor coverings. His sharp mind, keen eye, passionate drive, and kind spirit catapulted his career forward at Gerbert Ltd, TO Market, and now REGUPOL. He has appeared on PBS in The Environmental Review series hosted by Morely Safer as a technical advisor and company spokesman. Bill joined REGUPOL America in 2019 as the Director of Commercial Sales Division, North America.

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