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  • REGUPOL’s recycled rubber flooring is revolutionizing interiors across commercial applications.
  • The new colorways to REGUPOL’s Revolution line of rolled rubber flooring combine beauty, durability, and sustainability for any type of commercial space.
  • Beyond aesthetics, rubber flooring offers benefits like improved acoustics and safety.

When many designers think of rubber flooring, their mind goes to one place: athletic facilities. Bill Neifert, commercial sales director at REGUPOL, is trying to change that.

REGUPOL is one of the largest recyclers of elastic raw materials like rubber. And its recycled rubber flooring is revolutionizing interiors across commercial spaces, offering a powerful blend of beauty, functionality, and unexpected versatility.

“To get a designer to say I want to put a material in a project, it’s got to be visually appealing. They have to know it’s going to be easy to maintain. They have to know it’s durable, and they have to know that the company behind it has been around for a long time,” Neifert says. “That’s the key. And REGUPOL has all those boxes checked.”

Introducing Bold Color

regupol new colorways

Photo courtesy of REGUPOL

The rubber flooring manufacturer recently launched new colorways of its revolution line of rolled rubber flooring that marks a decided shift from the bold colors seen in gyms and athletic facilities.

“In the past 10 or 12 years we started getting a handle on what we could do color-wise,” Neifert says. Revolution’s new color collection includes a balance of neutrals and brights for design flexibility across commercial applications.

“We upped our game from a colorway standpoint to add some brightness,” he says. “There are several variations of blues, reds, and greens. Some of the colors that have been custom-made have come from the design industry itself, and they are so attractive we have put them into our standard line.’”

More Benefits

regupol new colorways 02

Photo courtesy of REGUPOL

The new colorways are an added bonus to rubber flooring’s other benefits—namely sound attenuation, durability, and safety. Because of rubber’s inherent properties, the material is resistant to scratches, dents, and tears. It can easily withstand high foot traffic and only requires a mop, vacuum, and broom for maintenance. Rubber is sound dampening, and its superior slip-resistant properties, even when wet, can help protect occupants from potential injury.

REGUPOL’s sustainable rubber flooring also helps the planet, transforming some of America’s 280 million discarded tires into something beautiful.

Specifying the right commercial flooring is not black and white, and Neifert recognizes that there are many factors that go into choosing the best flooring solution for every commercial space. He and REGUPOL are trying to show that there is a place for rubber flooring in the conversation beyond the question, “Can I drop weights on it?”

Revolution’s new colorways are just the beginning of the rubber flooring shift.

“What I’m trying to do is make this a rubber carpet, rubber terrazzo, rubber stone—show that you can get those looks with rubber flooring, but you’re also going to get benefits from a durability standpoint; from a quiet, comfortable, and slip-resistant standpoint; from a safety standpoint,” Neifert says. “And to top it all off you get the environmental aspect of having post-consumer and post-industrial waste in a flooring product.”

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