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Tremco CPG comprehensive building envelope solutions and leading brands include Tremco™ sealant, waterproofing, traffic coating, air barrier, glazing and roofing systems; Dryvit® panelized and direct-applied EIFS and architectural finishes; Nudura® Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF); Prebuck™ engineered framing systems; Willseal® expansion joints; Giraffe™ bracing; Pure Air IAQ and HVAC system testing and restoration; Canam building envelope specialists; WTI and WTC general contracting services.




Building Enclosure Systems + Services

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Marcy Tyler

Marcy Tyler is the director of building science at Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing.

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Cameron Ware

Cameron Ware is the Western Division Key Accounts Executive for Tremco CPG. Ware began working with insulated concrete forms (ICF) in 2004 when he founded FutureStone, a Nudura® brand distributor. Ware joined Nudura, now part of Tremco Construction Products Group (Tremco CPG), in 2018 and has steered the strategic incorporation and delivery of ICFs. His accomplishments include ICF consulting, construction training, and project oversight in commercial and residential markets. Ware has provided training to numerous architects, engineers, and ICF installation crews. He has been involved with the construction of several million square feet of ICF, including more than 100 ICF Texas schools and approximately 50 ICC-500 rated storm shelters.

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David Hutchinson

David Hutchinson is an expert in retrofit solution generation for the constantly aging existing building stock. Leading the Tremco Construction Products Group (Tremco CPG) Deep Energy Retrofit Development program, he works with building owners and architects to bring full turnkey solutions to the market and address the challenges facing carbon reduction. Additionally, Hutchinson is founder and director of the Tremco CPG Rising Stars Program, which focuses on creating opportunities for diverse workforce development through training, education and networking.

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Chuck Bundrick

Chuck Bundrick is a veteran of the EIFS and construction industry with 25 years in executive sales and business management roles. He serves as national manager of renovation and modularization for the Tremco CPG Dryvit® brand systems. Bundrick leads a team that helps building owners and consultants address the critical issues associated with building envelope renovation, including decisions about exterior building transformation using high-performance claddings, connections, and finishes.

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Steve Pierson

Steve Pierson is a category manager responsible for portfolio strategy, positioning, and curation relative to the sealants, adhesives, elastic transitions, and expansion joints product lines at Tremco Construction Products Group. He’s been in the commercial construction industry for a decade in various roles and holds a Bachelor’s in construction engineering from The University of Toledo. Areas of expertise also include concrete mix design, chemical admixture technology, and building envelope waterproofing. He’s obtained his CDT credential from CSI and is an AIPMM Certified Product Manager.

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