QM Drain has your new plumbing must-have—beautiful stainless steel linear drains.

QM Drain linear drains

[Photo: Courtesy of QM Drain]

Imagine a luxury shower with beautiful stainless steel finishes and marble tile. Now, look down at the drain. What do you see? It’s likely a circular hole with a cover, a few screws and, probably, some grout or gunk. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Karina Bernoti and her brother, Carlos, are doing away with old and boring drains with their own company, QM Drain.

Since 2014, QM Drain has done away with the traditional circular drain that doesn’t easily fit into tiles, instead producing highly sought after square and linear drains. “Consumers are putting more design into every inch of their homes,” Bernoti says. “People want beauty. Things that were once ugly people are more design-oriented about. They want good quality that’s fashionable, and at a good price.”

QM Drain’s most popular product is their highly durable square drain, but they also offer other beautiful options, like a standard-length linear; adjustable linear; Bay 2 in 1 linear; and their latest invention—the Delmar Supreme Linear Drain. It’s a game changer.

QM Drain linear drains

QM Drain offers sleek square and linear drains so bathroom design doesn’t suffer. [Photo: Courtesy of QM Drain]

Low environmental impact.

All drains are 100% recyclable and do not release any harmful chemicals.

Stainless steel.

This marine-grade stainless steel 316 is corrosion resistant, so it holds up against extreme moisture and resists abrasive household cleaners. Traditionally, many companies use stainless steel 304, but QM Drain goes above and beyond.

High design.

Supreme is sleek, flawless, and modern. This is the most unique linear shower drain on the market, designed for maximum style, simplicity, and flexibility of installation. It’s offered in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Simple installation.

Supreme revolutionizes the installation of linear drains. No need to replumb. The built-in internal rail system allows for the installation of the drain grate in a different place than the existing plumbing, saving consumers time and money.

Hair strainer.

These drains have an easily removable basket to collect hair and other debris, preventing clogs. A lifting key included with the system gives users easy access to the strainer.

Adjustable grate.

Grates can be cut to custom lengths. Multiple grates can be aligned to accommodate any shower design.

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