Story at a glance:

  • Known for their outdoor furniture, Outer encourages people to spend more time outdoors in an era where most is spent doing the latter.
  • The new 1188 Outdoor Rug Collection uses the equivalent of 12 years of plastic waste to create just one rug.
  • Versatility runs deep in the collection with neutral colors, different sizes, and durable materials.

Everything old can indeed be made new again—even if it’s taking plastic bottles and making them into an eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful outdoor rug. Crafted from years of 100% recycled plastic, the 1188 Outdoor Rug Collection by Outer has a timeless look that will fit any outdoor setting.

Known for their beautiful outdoor furniture made from recycled materials, Outer encourages people to spend more time outdoors while changing the way furniture is being made. The 1188 Rug Collection reflects just that, as the name originates from how many recycled bottles are needed to produce their largest 9 feet by 12 feet rug: 1,188 bottles, which is equivalent to 12 years of plastic waste.

“Rugs are the unsung heroes when creating comfortable and stylish spaces,” says Terry Lin, cofounder and chief design officer of Outer. “They are foundational pieces. We didn’t want the rug’s pattern or color to drive the aesthetics of a space, so we kept the look neutral with subtle texture and a herringbone pattern to ensure it fits within people’s decorating design style, whatever that may be.”

Down to every last detail, the 1188 collection is everything and more you could ask for in a rug for the perfect outdoor entertaining space.

Here are some of our favorite design details about these sustainable rugs.

1. Made with Recyclable Materials

sustainable 1188 rug gbd magazine 03

1188 Rug Collection. Courtesy of Outer

Built to outlast all of the elements, the 1188 Rug Collection uses PET plastics, which are 100% recyclable and can easily be remade into other objects, versus virgin plastics.

This helps the rugs’ overall durability and gives the plastic a second use after being recycled.

The rugs also use PET fibers, which are meant to stand the test of time with sun exposure, and are stain-resistant.

2. Designed to Hide Dirt

If you think there’s no way of getting around a dirty outdoor rug, think again.

The 1188 Collection looks like single color from afar, but with a closer look, there’s a “pixelation effect,” where a bunch of colors come together to look like one dominant color.

This coloring technique is meant to hide any dirt, until ready to clean.

3. Neutral Versatility

The collection features three neutral colorings: Pebble Gray, Seashell Gray, and Sand Dune Beige, available in 5×8, 8×10, or 9×12 sizes.

The colorways make the 1188 collection classic for years to come but also versatile for any outdoor space, season, and lifestyle.