Story at a glance:

  • Outer is a Santa Monica–based outdoor furniture startup that recently released its second collection, Teak.
  • The Teak Collection is inspired by the fluidity and forward movement of automobile design.
  • Every Teak product is Forest Stewardship Council–certified, and for every Teak chair and sofa sold 15+ saplings will be planted.

Named after the tropical hardwood teak, the Santa Monica–based outdoor furniture brand Outer released its second collection—Teak. Its curved style is inspired by the flowing lines and forward movement of automobiles.

The eight-piece collection is made from sustainably sourced teak and comes with a roll-over cushion cover.

“The debut of our Teak Collection is a significant addition to Outer’s existing portfolio, which previously consisted of only our original Wicker collection,” says Terry Lin, co founder and chief design officer for Outer, in a press release. “We introduced this style to cater to our consumers’ needs and further create more diverse options for all style preferences. Following our Series A Funding in January, we’ve been able to test different materials, and ultimately, create a beautiful product for our customer that puts comfort, durability, and sustainability at the forefront.”

Here’s some of what we love about Outer’s newest collection.

Warm Wood

outer teak collection

Outer’s teak wood is grown in sustainably managed forests rich in minerals in Java, an island in Indonesia. Photo courtesy of Outer

Teak wood brings a timeless essence to the collection. The warm, honey-colored timber displays a tight grain, and its abundance of natural oils serves as a protective barrier against the elements, creating a durable and long-lasting piece for years to come.

The seats and backs of the chairs are integrated with a gentle curved transition, and the kicked-back legs make for a sturdy stance.

Clean Comfort

outer teak collection

Teak’s OuterShell covers make it easy to protect the Teak Collection’s memory foam cushions. Photo courtesy of Outer

Not only is the Teak Collection comfortable, but it’s also easy to clean. The collection includes Outer’s stain-resistant, multi-layer memory foam cushions with OuterShell covers that quickly roll over the cushions to protect them from everyday dirt, debris, and dew.

In addition to those roll-over covers, Outer recommends using all-weather covers for cushions in climates that experience frequent rain, snow, and wind. The material is fade-resistant, recyclable, and accentuated with zippers. Vents on the back of the cover keep water out while allowing airflow to prevent heat and moisture from building up beneath the cover.


outer teak collection

Outer partnered with One Tree Planted to ensure that for every Teak chair and sofa sold, 15+ saplings will be planted in partner forests. Photo courtesy of Outer

Outer is committed to delivering the highest quality and sustainable products. The Teak Collection, along with Outer’s previous Wicker Collection and the 1188 Outdoor Rug Collection, hits that mark.

Every Teak product is Forest Stewardship Council–certified, meaning that the wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests. In addition, Outer has partnered with the nonprofit organization One Tree Planted to ensure that for every Teak chair and sofa sold, 15+ saplings will be planted in partner forests.

A single teak tree can absorb 10 kilograms of carbon every year, Lin says. This absorption of carbon can help maintain Earth’s carbon balance in the face of climate change. “We are thrilled to see the reforestation impact we, as a growing company, can make through our partnerships with One Tree Planted and 1% for the Planet.”