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Q CELLS considers its Q.PEAK DUO the BMW of solar. It is highly efficient yet cost-effective. Photo courtesy of Q CELLS

There is an increasing number of architects and designers incorporating PV into their roof plans. When these systems are designed by engineers on the front end, or retrofitted to an existing structure, they can help to control the total cost of energy for the life of the home. When specified properly they can enhance the roof to make a more attractive package.

A homeowner with PV panels won’t have to experience the inflation costs of energy the way everyone else does. They can also offset roof costs. Many of these PV panels, including our Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+, are very strong and durable and can act as a roofing material. Our Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+ panels are available in a design-friendly black and have a long life with an inclusive 25-year warranty.

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Q.PEAK DUO solar panels are strong enough to act as roofing material. Photo courtesy of Q CELLS

To get the most out of solar panels you need proper planning, design, and installation. The property needs to be inspected to determine the sun’s path and potential shade structures. The roof needs to be properly configured for optimal energy collection. If the PV system is being installed on an existing structure, inspectors must determine if the roof is strong enough to handle the weight of the panels.

Then engineers need to determine the proper system size to support the needs of users. This can be done on an existing structure by analyzing past utility bills or on a new property based on projections. Design software is then used to optimize the system and determine the best module for the design. We consider our Q.PEAK DUO the BMW of solar. It is highly efficient yet cost-effective. I like to say it has all the driving of the supercar without the supercar price. The final step is deciding whether or not to install an energy storage system, like our Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G1, for added control and cost-savings.

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Ralph Alvarado

The sun is a billion-year clean energy generator. That is why engineers at leading global solar company Q CELLS are constantly doing research and development and creating new solar products, and they are succeeding. In 2019 one out of four solar roofs in the US was a Q CELLS system. But adding solar to your property can do more than help the environment. Product Manager for PV Products at Q CELLS Ralph Alvarado has been working in the solar industry for more than half a decade. Here he shares other ways solar panels can enhance a property.

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