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Roppe Rubber Tile and Tread offer ease of maintenance as seen here at the Fostoria Learning Center. Photo courtesy of Roppe

Not only is rubber flooring incredibly durable; it’s also very easy to treat and maintain, as the technology to install and keep it up is better than ever. Chemical formulas are becoming more and more complex, and equipment is becoming extremely specialized in order to make life for technicians easier.

Maintaining rubber flooring takes patience, but it’s worth it. When you take the time to do it correctly, you save money in labor because you won’t be cleaning it as often. Also, rubber flooring becomes easier to clean as it ages because the pores of the product close and the product itself begins to harden.

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Roppe Rubber Tile and Tread in coordinating colors offers a durable solution for this library installation. Photo courtesy of Roppe

Regardless of floor type, in order to suspend soil you need four basic principles, and those are chemical, heat, agitation, and time—or CHAT. Without these you cannot properly suspend all soil on any flooring surface. While different building service contractors have different methods or equipment they use, the process doesn’t change
too much.

One common misconception, though, surrounds rinsing. A lot of maintenance chemical manufacturers claim that you do not need to rinse the floor after cleaning chemicals are used. But by skipping the rinsing process, you’ll leave a film or residue behind on the floor. This residue consists of surfactants that are used in the cleaning process to separate the soil from the flooring surface, but when left behind they attract soil and will cause a poor appearance of the flooring material. As a result, you should rinse.

The world of Roppe is also easy to navigate in terms of cost, as we use a single price point system. All of our colors—from black to snow—come in one price per product in our major product lines: wall base, tile, treads, and accessories. It’s also important to note that Roppe is a member of the USGBC, Health Product Declaration Collaborative, and many more sustainable organizations.

Why consider Roppe’s commercial rubber flooring for your next project? For starters, beyond it’s other many benefits, it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain once you have your flooring installed. For more than 60 years family-owned company Roppe has been providing innovative rubber flooring products. In this column we learn from Spencer Luallen, Roppe’s technical maintenance specialist, about just what it takes to keep that rubber flooring looking and feeling great.

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