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Chryso and GCP (Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals) is a worldwide leader in sustainable construction. The integration of the two companies creates a vast depth of R&D expertise and technical know-how alongside a portfolio of concrete admixtures and cement additives that are well-positioned to assist the industry on its journey to carbon neutral by 2050.

Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals provides cement additives, concrete admixtures, and specialty building materials through the combined ventures of Chryso and GCP. Together they provide customers with a complete package of products, services, and knowledge that extends through concrete production, delivery, placement, and finishing. They offer global construction solutions that help customers achieve carbon reduction and net zero strategies through the efficient and cost-effective use of materials.

Chryso and GCP and the entire Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals family is focused on continuous improvement for its customers, end-users, and the environment. 


Concrete + Cement

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Lisa Barnard

Lisa Barnard is sustainability and customer engagement program manager for CHRYSO & GCP (Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals). She is a regular presenter on sustainability and has deep knowledge in corporate sustainability issues, life cycle analysis, environmental product declarations, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and green building standards/certification programs.

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Riccardo Stoppa

Riccardo Stoppa is the global marketing manager of the cement additives division at GCP. He holds a master’s in industrial chemistry from the University of Milan and an MBA from the SDA Bocconi School of Management. Riccardo has contributed to the development and launch of new technologies and products like the CO2ST® reducer, Tavero® VM and innovative services like the GCP DASH® real-time product selection application. GCP chemical additives enable cement and concrete customers to improve the strength and quality of their products. The company takes a holistic approach to tackling CO2 reduction, bringing together chemical research, experienced technical support, lab and field testing, advanced chemistry, and technology to ensure new chemistries they develop bring strength, savings, and sustainability to customers.

gcp arizona state university lisa barnard gbd magazine 01

Jason Straka

Jason Straka is a VERIFI product manager at GCP. He has worked with VERIFI for the last seven years covering Central Concrete Supply in the Bay Area. Straka manages the utilization and value extraction from GCP’s VERIFI in-transit concrete management system. Prior experience includes 15 years in the ready mix industry in various roles including quality control, sales, and operations.

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