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Quality is the driving force behind everything Viega does. It’s the heart of this company’s identity, and it has been that way for more than 120 years. Each of Viega’s fittings comes with a promise of quality and versatility on the job, no matter the application. Their commitment to quality has helped them achieve their vision of providing safer, faster, and cleaner plumbing technology for use in projects across the globe. Today they have more than 4,000 employees worldwide and are a global market leader in pipe pressing.


Plumbing & HVAC

Photo: Courtesy of APV Engineered Coatings

Colton Henkowski

Colton Henkowski is a Viega technical training consultant. Based in the Viega Colorado Seminar Center, he trains contractors, engineers, and wholesale reps through in-person and online workshops. During these workshops he uses his pipefitting trade knowledge to teach current and potential press users a variety of skills, including proper pipe preparation, tips for installing Viega press fittings, and guidance on which products to use in their commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Prior to joining Viega in 2019 he was a pipefitter for UA Local 208 and worked his way up from apprentice to foreman. He still holds current gasfitter, HVAC technician, and steamfitter licenses.

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